Collaborative Media Services

Collaborative Media Services (CMS) supports Mass General Brigham, MGB’ affiliates, and their patients. Our goal is to harness technologies that bring the organization, it’s clinicians and patients, closer together removing the barrier of distance.


We offer a wide range of AVservices relating to:

AV Services

  • AV Support-Assembly
  • AV Support-MGH
  • AV Support-MGB Affiliation
  • MIC Rental
Audiovisual Support:  The PCM team can assist you and your presenters with properly configuring an audiovisual system for presentations such as:

  • Case studies
  • Grand rounds
  • Other special events

Whether your event is scheduled in the O’Keeffe auditorium or the Nesson boardroom, our team is prepared to ensure that your meeting is a success.  We have engineers and technicians on-staff and based out of MGH who are familiar with every aspect of media technologies.
Event Support: The PCM team can work with your department to coordinate audiovisual needs for your larger scale event, whether it takes place within the Partners network, or externally in a hotel or convention center.  Event support is used for:

  • Symposiums
  • Conferences
  • Hotel events

This is a service where we act as an integral part of your event planning team to coordinate the needed audiovisual services at the price for your event.  For the best results its important to involve us early on in the planning process.

MIC Rental

Please note that all mic rental requests require a minimum of 3 business days notice.

There is a single wireless handheld mic stored in the podium of both the O’Keeffe and Thier conference room. This mic is available to all who use those rooms. Please be considerate of others in the Partners & MGH community and use with care. The mics are in high demand so be sure to return carefully to podium after each use so that others have immediate access. The mic stored in the podium cannot be replaced quickly if it becomes damaged or if it is missing.

If you need more than one wireless mic, those can be requested in advance. Schedule a piclup and drop-off time at least 3 business days in advance.

There are 8 wireless microphones available for the O’Keeffe & Thier* auditoriums.  These microphones are of professional quality as they are a standard in the audio industry. We have the following:

  • 4 wireless lavaliere (also known as lapel) style microphones that are easily attached to a tie or blouse
  • 4 wireless hand held microphones which are used most commonly for questions and answer sessions

These microphones are integrated into the audiovisual system and can only be used in the O’Keeffe & Thier* auditoriums. If you require additional microphones for your event please inquire with the electric shop at extension 6-2422.

*Please be aware that only 4 microphones (any combination from the 4 lavaliere and 4 handheld) can be used at a time in the Thier auditorium.